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My Favorite Food

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my favorite food
My favorite food

My favorite food is 100% potato french fries and a totally nutritious, 50% cow steak, 50% wheat, burger. I sometimes eat anti-sugar sweets, and very rarely. For breakfast, I usually eat a whole, 100% wheat cereal box soaked in an anti-harmful, extra efficient, energy drink. For lunch, I mostly eat half of an extra large, very nutritious turkey, and with the turkey I drink (drank) a cup of 0% caffeine, coffee-like, milk. In the evening, I usually eat 1 kilogram of 100% chicken beef toothpaste and drink mouth-watering, mouth washing liquid.

When I am on a picnic, I mostly eat ant-tasting ice cream with my friends. After the ice cream, I pick up 20 of 5 different types of mushrooms (not poisonous). I bring a hydraulic press with me on picnics, and I use it to squash the mushrooms and make a mushroom stew. The scientific names for the types of mushrooms are: 1. Adsic Qaz, 2. Xycylon Wervyt, 3. Zaz Trey Utmen Temoly Yumbrov, 4. Epzmon Alovue, 5. Derqoiu Miuty.

The recipe for the mushroom stew is simple:

1 kilogram of sugar

Hydraulic press

Get the mushrooms (in abbreviation):

  1. AQ
  2. XW
  3. ZTUTY
  4. EA
  5. DM

Step 1:

Put the hydraulic press somewhere.

Step 2:

Put the 1 kilogram of sugar and the mushrooms into the hydraulic press.

Step 3:

Activate the hydraulic press.

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