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About The Importance of Daily Routine and Tidiness

► Do not take any of the fantasy stories seriously. They are completely made up. ◄

Hello guys back to my mini-blog! I’ll be telling you about my daily life! Daily Routine and Tidiness

I wake up at midnight, obviously. After I wake up, I go and jump into a pool that hasn’t been cleaned for a few years. The pool is very dirty for some reason, I don’t know why. After I swim in the pool for a few hours, I go back home. I wait until the morning and then I get a few eggs from my fridge and place them on the ground on the street next to me. That’s why I live in the Egyptian desert. I take them home to eat when they’re overcooked, I drink milk with the food. 

After I eat breakfast, usually at 3pm, I go take a 3 hour jog. When I come back home, I usually have 20 animals following me. I wouldn’t just force them away, I would keep them. The ostrich always pokes me for some reason, but I don’t mind that. I eat lunch at 8pm. I usually eat freshly caught, uncooked catfish. It tastes bad but I don’t have anything else to eat. 

At 10pm, I eat dinner. My dinner is usually ⅛ of a whale. That meal gives me 20 kilograms of extra weight. No wonder why my mom keeps complaining why I am so fat. At 11pm, I go to sleep in my bed, which hasn’t been cleaned for a few months. Hmm… Smells bad… Why?

Daily Routine and Tidiness, My Daily Life

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