Why to Use Manual URL Redirection?

Why is it reasonable to make a URL redirection manually in the era of automation? Manual URL Redirection

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What is URL redirection?

URL Redirection is used for websites or pages that have moved domains. This kind of movement occurs significantly more often that one can anticipate. Most often it occurs when the user is redirected from the main site as to the local sites as or and so on. Then, the client usually even doesn’t realize being redirected as the initial site and the destination site difference in minor, except the language in some cases.

In many cases, the redirection is still done manually, e.g. when the initial main page features only country options. Then, the client has full control on the moment they take. 

An example of redirection to the country sites made on the site:

In some cases, redirecting is necessary when the indicated page doesn’t exist or is permanently renamed. Still, it is more efficient, that the indicated page features the redirection guide than return the 404 Not Found error message. It could occur to the returning clients, who load the page from their cache or have saved your URL in the favourites, and your site is not redirecting automatically. 

The redirection guide shows your client that your company has not gone anywhere and is taking care about the technical issues accordingly.

When is it worth using manual URL redirection?

In many cases, while automatic redirecting could sound good, it is not always the best option: your customer could suspect fraud, if they found themself at the page, they did not initially indicate. In case the page has a different URL, looks a bit different (you’ve upgraded it to look better, right?), the client could come to conclusion, they were directed to the unwanted or spam page. Unfortunately, this is not any uncommon practice these days.  

Very often, after moving domains, the older pages still have higher rank in searches. It takes time for newer pages to return the same performance. The redirection page shows your returning or new client, that your company has just moved to a better platform, but not ceased existing.

The manual redirecting, where the client has to make a cognizant decision to go forward, is a much more effective redirection manner. 

Remember to indicate clearly the destination site address, so the client is aware about the step they are making.   

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