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Easy DIY HTML Navigation Menu

Easy DIY HTML Navigation Menu

DIY Visual Elements

It’s easy to improve visual quality and readability of your blog text with small and useful visual and readability elements such as an in-post Navigation Menu. 

For example, if a blog post is very long and includes a lot of subheadings, one way to make it easier to read, is to create a Table of Contents. Anyway, I recommend considering a more visual way of bringing your contents up; Navigation Menu Buttons. For children’s eyes, Navigation Buttons look much more joyful, than plain text links. It is easier to comprehend and to memorise the contents.

For instance, these two ways of displaying the contents highlight: 

Dogs Cats

Here is the manual, how to create a Navigation Button Menu in (code editor) and WordPress.

Inserting custom visual elements is an easy way to stand out of the crowd in the world of blogging and web design. Of course, you need to learn a bit of coding to do it. 

Coding is an easy and fun hobby. HTML is the simplest coding language, which is easy to study. When I finished an online course of HTML, I liked coding so much that I considered software engineering could be a good choice for my future profession. 

JavaScript and CSS are not that easy, and I still have to learn a lot. 

Meanwhile, I help my mun with her blog and create visual elements for it. It is a nice way to make some pocket money. Definitely, better than vacuum cleaning and watering the flowers. Not that I don’t like to participate in some home chores, but they don’t give me the particular skills I need in my future life. Except patience of course.

Extras: Here you can check on the buttons I made for my mum’s blog: My Shopping Directory

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