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Dogs are great animals when they’re trained well. Left untrained, it causes problems that the owner and other people do not like. For example, if a dog is not trained well, it might leap on another person thinking that it’s just playing. Well trained dogs will not bring their owners and other people into trouble. The owner won’t have to think about watching what it does when it’s trained, and as well as other people don’t have to fear that the dog will chase them or even bite. 

Once, in Estonia, I was in the backyard of my apartment. Then a person came with a big Eastern European Shepherd, and it suddenly ran after me and I tried to run away. Off instinct, I dropped my green water bottle on to the ground and the dog moved it’s attention to the bottle. Luckily, the owner then yelled at it to come back. The next day, the same person came to us and brought us chocolate as an apology. Even though I didn’t like chocolate, we accepted it. The owner feared that we would report the case to the police.

If you wish to be a dog owner, you should strongly consider training the dog. If you can’t or don’t have time to train your dog, it’s better to be without a dog. Yes, it does take some time but it will make your life with the dog a lot easier. Well trained dogs will gladly follow all the commands you taught it, and do tricks you trained it, what is most important, it will be friendly to other people and know what’s playing. And when it is allowed to play.

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