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My Dream Boat

Choosing my dream boat

My dream boat would be a yacht. It would be small, but still spacious. I’ve already chosen one, which is of reasonable cost. I chose this yacht called Ferretti 720. Its length is 22.3 meters. It has a 1400 horsepower V12 engine. The boat’s cruising speed is 28 knots and it’s maximum speed is up to 32 knots.

The boat itself is very spacious. It has lots of places for the crew and guests. 

Here is the dealer to get more information

While I would usually cruise on it with my family, I would definitely invite my friends onboard. The interior has lots of facilities, such as a bathroom, lots of places to sleep, crew cabins, an outdoor area, a kitchen, and living rooms. The interior design is moderately luxurious. I didn’t go for a completely luxurious yacht yet. Probably, the next one will be. 

After all, I chose a small type, as the fuel would cost quite a lot if it was too big. The insurance would also cost something, but I’m sure I would sort the things out when I have enough money and am willing to buy the yacht. 

My Dream Boat

I chose a motor boat because a sailboat would be harder to handle and, in fact, would increase the risk of an emergency. But on the other hand, a motor boat pollutes the water, especially a big one. Sailboats don’t pollute the water almost at all. So, I chose a small motor boat to minimize the pollution from the boat. 

Small motor boats are possible to control by one person. Hiring a crew would make it easier. 

As for the maintenance, we’d need a janitor to have our yacht cleaned and tidied up once in a while. I would help the janitor sometimes. 

My Dream Boat
Definitely, this a good place to live

Storing the yacht could be complicated. Now we live in an area, where we can just keep our boat outside all year round. But if we ever move to a country, where it is cold and it snows often in winter, we’ll have to buy a seperate indoor place to put our boat in the winter. Fortunately, it snows extremely rarely in our area, so we could indeed keep our boat in the harbour in winter.

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