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What are the steps I have to make to achieve future success?

  1. How important education is for building your Success Ladder?
  2. What school subjects are important for my future goals? Why?
  3. Should I prioritize one subject to another and why?
  4. How can I find out what knowledge and skills I have to obtain to achieve my goals?
  5. How can I define different steps on the way to a successful future?
  6. What help can I get from my parents in achieving my goals?
  7. Here is how I figure out the steps to the successful future: My Mind Map.

Success Ladder Step 1: Education

success ladder - step 1 education

First, I have to educate myself. I need to go to primary school, then secondary school and then college. In these schools, I will have to move slowly and steadily through all the courses I need. This would take some time, but in the end it will lead to a great opportunity. Success Ladder

No matter where you live, education is very important. Education is the very first thing you need to get a profession, without education you wouldn’t be able to calculate any sums! Getting a good education (usually in schools) will get you all the skills you need.

Success Ladder Step 2: School Subjects

step 2 school subjects - success ladder

The important primary school subjects are: Science, Math, English, Craft, Art, P.E. and I.C.T.

  • Science: Physics. Science is important because it will let me learn the physics of the world. This will help me understand the concepts of physics and understand materials and other useful scientific items.
  • Maths: Calculating. Math will help me in solving calculating tasks I encounter. For example, if you were calculating a house’s volume, you’d had to calculate it with the volume calculation formula (length × width × height).
  • English: Speaking and writing. English (and other language skills) will help me express myself in written. It will help me communicate with my job partners and write or type things.
  • Craft: Creation. It will help me make models of my upcoming creations and then build them.
  • Art: Planning. Art will teach me painting, drawing and creative thinking. This will let me draw my plans of upcoming creations.
  • P.E: Moving and building. P.E. will help me keep fit. It will let me stay in shape and be able to use tools or moving items. Machines will be able to help my job partners and myself to move heavy items.
  • I.C.T: Computer technology. It will help me use computers for planning projects and drawing models, as well as calculate the size. I hope we will have some coding in I.C.T. later (there was no coding in Primary yet, so I learnt some myself).

Success Ladder Step 3: Prioritizing

Success Ladder Step 3 - Prioritizing

I should prioritize craft in first place, as it would help me think about how and what I will create.

I prioritize math and english for second place, as they would help me write down my ideas and calculate any sums I need to.

And finally, I prioritize science in third place, as I would understand all of the scientific elements I need.

With this type of prioritization route, I can get all of the skills I need to become an engineer.

Success Ladder Step 4: Knowledge and Skills To Obtain

To define them, I need to see all the concepts I need to learn. I can achieve this by finding something that tells about the profession I am aiming for. If it’s not enough information, I should ask a person with the profession that I am aiming for. With this information, I can determine what I need to learn.

Success Ladder Step 5: Define The Steps Of Your Ladder

success ladder - your steps

To define the steps, I need to see what they include. As for what they include is what their definition is. For example, a step that consists mostly of education, it’s definition should be “Getting Educated”.

Success Ladder Step 6: Getting Help

success ladder - getting help

My parents can help me in answering hard questions in school. They can also help by educating me by teaching me concepts I didn’t learn in school. They will help me survive through the times, as I get to my goals. And for their hard work, I could give them gifts as rewards.

Success Ladder Step 7: My Mind Map

Success Ladder Step 7 - Mind Map

This question is yet to be answered. I am working on my Success Mind Map and it will come out soon in a separate post.

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