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My Favorite Food

My favorite food is 100% potato french fries and a totally nutritious, 50% cow steak, 50% wheat, burger. I sometimes eat anti-sugar sweets, and very rarely. For breakfast, I usually eat a whole, 100% wheat cereal box soaked in an anti-harmful, extra efficient, energy drink. For lunch, I mostly eat half of an extra large, […]

Coding My Future Profession

Easy DIY HTML Navigation Menu

Easy DIY HTML Navigation Menu DIY Visual Elements It’s easy to improve visual quality and readability of your blog text with small and useful visual and readability elements such as an in-post Navigation Menu.  For example, if a blog post is very long and includes a lot of subheadings, one way to make it easier […]


Well Trained Dogs

Dogs are great animals when they’re trained well. Left untrained, it causes problems that the owner and other people do not like. For example, if a dog is not trained well, it might leap on another person thinking that it’s just playing. Well trained dogs will not bring their owners and other people into trouble. […]


Hello Dear Readers!

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