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The Future Studying and Working

How I See The Future of Studying and Working

Studying and working will be completely different in about ten years from now. I believe there will be a lot more possibilities for working and studying remotely than now. Society is ready to make a step forward to the future. All we need is powerful techniques which support the development of remote solutions.

Essential workers will be the only group who have to be present at their working places physically. Students will eat breakfast and open their computers, and they are then already in school. Traffic decreases as well as pollution levels, as there will be no need to quickly move from place to place. People will be able to work at home, or close to their homes, or in a park. How wonderful it would be to fulfil science studies in the park listening to the birds’ chirping!

Remote Learning and Efficiency

Distance learning and work is more efficient for many people. All the useless fuss around us, which distracts you from your task and decreases your work efficiency, will be gone. Work can be arranged on your own schedule. Events  and meetings can be organized online. Also, it depends on your own progress how much you have to learn and work in a day. In between work meetings, you can host small events where friends and colleagues can hang out in small groups. With video technology, it’s very simple to host. 

I can immediately move to a full-time remote learning schedule. All of the unneeded time in the school day can be used for going for a walk and other hobbies.

Ecological Influence

Distanced working will minimize moving requirements. Both public and private traffic will be decreased. As there will be a lot less people who need to move from place to place every morning, the vehicles can be smaller and less polluting. Robot busses and trains will serve us in the future without a driver. People won’t need to have multiple personal cars.

New Technologies

New technologies to come

We need new and good technology for every new thing. I am excited about using a new service, up-coming in the nearest future. Learning, conferencing and keeping up with friends is easy. It is also possible to study and teach eCourses there as well as promote course materials and upcoming events and courses. Like, all-in-one – everything service in one place. That’s handy!

LL Etäkoulutusalusta in Finnish and LL eLearning Platform in English. The platform opens a new way to share your skills. You also don’t need to invest hugely to have access to its revolutionary technologies. You can create your eCourse with professional Learning Management System tools, promote it in your designated web store, enroll students and collect payments, as well teach your students live – and all in one place, on the LL eLearning Platform. 

In addition, you can host private events, like parties, or just hang out with your friends. Video-meeting people is still very different from sending simple messages. For example, you can show them your dog’s funny tricks or do homework together on shareable boards. That’d be pretty cool!

Some of my friends live far away from me, so we can meet mostly on video. It is much better than to wait until we are able to see each other face to face. Last spring we didn’t see much of each other outside our homes, so we met on videos also with friends, who live rather close. 

How I Experienced Remote Studying

Last school trimester we studied distantly. It was only a positive experience. Of course, the first couple of weeks were pretty confusing for all of us, as it was very unexpected and we had to learn a lot of new technical things. But then distant studying came to its balance.We got an exact day schedule to adhere to, and it made things easier. I always knew what I had to do and when.

Now on-site school is resumed, and I go to school wearing a mask. It is going well, but we have to be careful about hygiene all the time. Somehow other students don’t remember the rules and sometimes I see someone outside with their mask under their chin or they don’t have it at all, even though they are in a big group. They think that they wear masks because someone told them to. They take it off because the teacher doesn’t look.

I think that it would be great if those who like remote studying could be able to choose it over on-site school. Those who like to come to school every morning or have difficulties with remote studying can of course attend on-site school. Then, the on-site groups will be much smaller, so studying will be more efficient. It also prevents viruses from spreading, as there is more space for every student. 

To sum up, I believe that future education will benefit a lot from the newest technology. So, it is always worth to learn new things in ICT and Sciences.

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