I have interest in lots of different things. My hobbies are both physical and scientific.

When I was younger I had a lot of interest in LEGOs, and I’ve built almost every LEGO set found in shops. I’ve practiced judo for a few years, but I quit it later, as I didn’t want to kick my friends. It was good as it taught me some self-protection.

Later, I attended Bootcamp and Robotics in school. Now, as we have moved to a new country, I continue to practice Swimming and Tennis. Fortunately, it’s warm in Portugal, so I (and my family) can be outside for longer periods of time.

I’ve been in an animation course and it was really fascinating. So, I started making YouTube videos with a topic of the games Roblox and Minecraft.

I hope I (and my family) can go travelling again after quarantine. We’ve been in China and many European countries and I liked it a lot.

Nowadays, I mostly play on my computer. I sometimes make Roblox games as well as communicate with my friends. I try different games and learn coding. HTML and CSS are already quite easy, now I'm studying JavaScript. Independent studying is faster than usual school and really fun.

If you want to see me using Roblox, please Contact Me so we can give you the username and password. Link to videos

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